About AstroWeatherVane

Welcome to AstroWeatherVane!

thunderstorm_red sky_NOAA3Included on this site created by Kris Brandt Riske are seasonal weather forecasts for the continental United States and a weather blog that features major upcoming weather events and forecasts for NASCAR races.

All of these forecasts use the tools of astrometeorology – weather prediction with astrology. Astrometeorology is at its best when used for long-term weather forecasting and seasonal trends, but it’s also effective on a weekly and even daily basis. In daily forecasting, astrometeorology can be used, for example, to determine when rain will begin to fall at a specific longitude and latitude. In seasonal forecasting, astrometeorology offers insight into whether it will be a cold winter, a warm summer, or a wet spring, for example. Weekly forecasting is effective general temperature and moisture trends for that week and, for example, which days during the week will be cloudy or sunny, wet or dry.

Click on the various tabs above to access all of this weather information!

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